Caricatures are perfect for profile pics and online icons. They also make unique and amusing gifts for people who have everything else, and those who are terribly hard to buy for.

If you’re looking for a present for a soon-to-be ex-colleague, or maybe you’d like to capture a happy couple’s joie de vivre before it all goes downhill? They’re certainly better than more socks for Dad’s birthday!

Whatever the reason, these caricatures are a high quality, great value and good fun. Prices start at only £35 per head, including a digital copy for avatars and social media.

Ordering a caricature is easy. You can email good, clear photos of the victim(s), ideas for the caricature scene, and whether you’d like Black & White or Colour.

Include the reason for the caricature (profile, birthday, xmas, etc.), the date it’s needed, and anything else you’d like in the picture. Don’t forget details about the victim’s character, hobbies or occupation. The more specifics you give, the better the caricature will be!

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