Meet the Artist behind Sensible Pencil

Christian Marshall (A.K.A Chrissy) is one of the UK’s most popular event caricaturists. His talent is a blend of  wickedly accurate observation, with a dash of skill, a soupçon of charm and a large dollop of cheeky fun. Known for his enthusiastic smile and natural cartooning flair, his caricatures are character filled and gently spoofing, without being offensive (as long as you don’t mind having a big nose).

A professional artist since 1999 and a pioneer of digital caricatures, he’s drawn around 200,000 folk, and a whole bunch of celebrities, at over three thousand events, across five continents. As well as appearing at UK’s most esteemed venues Chrissy has performed as far afield as Vegas, Moscow, Sydney, Dubai and Swindon.

As a chubby kid, Chrissy was drawing since he could hold a pencil. Apart from being an astronaut, his only ambition was to draw cartoons for a living, as it looked like more fun than a proper job. The dream came true when he became stranded in Australia with no flight home and $35 to his name. After buying charcoal, paper and a deck chair, Chrissy set up outside the Sydney Opera House to draw the tourists. Sensible Pencil was born and has been scribbling away ever since!

Chrissy has a first class degree in art and a third place medal from his school egg & spoon race. He now lives at the blunt end of a pencil in Bath with his lovely wife, two noisy children and a smelly old Labrador.