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Frequently Asked Questions about Chrissy Marshall and Sensible Pencil Cartoons and Caricatures

If you have any other questions, other than those below, please get in touch..

Q: How long do you draw for?

A: This varies from job to job; Chrissy is usually at a function for two or three hours. His record is 137 caricatures in a day, but afterwards he did complain of a swollen thumb.

Q: How long does each caricature take?

A: Each caricature takes around three minutes, but this depends on how good looking the victim is, how many people are in the picture and how well behaved they are. Also, a large part of a caricaturist's job is entertaining the victim while the caricature is drawn, so Chrissy will spend around five minutes with each person, laughing, charming or chatting as necessary. This equates to between 12 and 18 caricatures per hour.

Q: What happens to the Caricatures?

A: The Ďvictimí will get to keep their caricature to frame as a memento of the occasion. For a small charge, a message, name or logo can also be printed onto the paper used for the caricatures.

Q: Who pays for the pictures?

A: Chrissy is paid a fee to be at the event for an agreed amount of time and the caricatures are given free to the guests.

Q: When is the best time for the caricatures at a wedding?

A: Chrissy will usually work at a wedding for two or three hours. This can be at the start of the reception, during photographs and pre-dinner drinks, throughout the meal, between the meal and the party, or during the evening function.

There are two 'sessions' recommended as best for a caricaturist to work at a wedding; the reception session or the evening do session. Either session usually lasts for 3 hours or so.

For the reception, Chrissy will usually be at the venue, ready for when the guests arrive, to draw during drinks and photographs until the wedding breakfast. Then, during the meal he'll draw in between courses and around the tables wherever appropriate, as well as catching any kids you may have there. Chrissy will continue to work his way around the room, pausing for cakes etc, making sure heís managed to capture the top table.

Alternatively, the evening stint is simple. Chrissy will be there for the start of your evening do, and draw right through to a time when everybody is too drunk to sit or stand still for three minutes!

Q: How will the guests react?

A: The guests will be fascinated by the drawings, whatever the situation and often compliment the organisers for their creative thinking in booking the artist. Also, many people donít get the chance to have their caricature drawn at other places and will really appreciate the opportunity to be drawn amongst friends in a relaxed environment. The aim is to have a laugh with the caricature victims, without offending them, making sure that everyone is entertained, even those who donít end up being drawn.

Q: Do you ever offend people?

A: Only intentionally! A good caricaturist will be able to gauge his victim's resilience; with some people he will tread very carefully, with others he may fire with both barrels. Each victim is different to the last, the skill is in picking out how far to go with their caricature. Some will expect to look like J-Lo, others will settle for nothing less than Quasimodo. The aim of caricature is not to make the person ugly, but to make them into cartoons and to make them look funny.

Q: Will you draw everyone at the event?

A: Chrissy will draw as many guests as possible in the time given, but everyone will be entertained by the caricatures even if they donít get drawn themselves.

Q: Do you stay in one spot or walk around the room?

A: Usually, Chrissy start by mingling with the guests, catching them as they stand or sit. Often there will be a good place to settle down and let the guests come to him later on. He is just as happy drawing on the hoof as set up in one spot.

Q: Do I need to supply paper, tables, chairs etc?

A:Chrissy is pretty self contained, so there's no equipment for you to worry about.

Q: What materials do you use?

A: Usually, either brush ink pens with a grey toner or charcoal pencils, depending on the function. Wherever possible, Chrissy uses high quality recycled paper and home-brewed elbow grease.

Q: What experience do you have?

A: Chrissy has been a professional caricaturist for twelve years and will work at more than one hundred events each year at home and abroad. Chrissyís client list reads like a whoís who of successful British companies. Recent clients include Audi, London 2012, Sky Sports, BBC, Harley Davidson, Barclays, Mercedes Benz, Rolls Royce, Aon, British Airways Virgin Media and more. Chrissy has appeared at such esteemed venues as The Savoy, The Royal Festival Hall, The Houses of Parliament, Tower Bridge, Celtic Manor and Le Manoir aux Quat Saissons, along with a host of other top venues, throughout the country.

Q: Do you do "proper art"?

A: Chrissy has a first class degree in fine art (emperor's new clothes, anyone?), but doesn't get much chance to explore this any further.

Q: How far do you travel?

A: Chrissy travels 30,000 miles per year, spreading his particular brand of fun at functions all over the U.K. Normally, this will be within England and Wales, but he does work further afield and internationally, if you ask him nicely (enquiries from the Caribbean are particularly welcome).

Q: How much do you charge?

A: Please contact Chrissy for prices and availability.

Q: How does one pay?

A: A small deposit is required upon booking Chrissy, with the balance payable on the day. You can pay by cheque, BACS or Paypal, but unfortunately, debit or credit cards are not accepted.

Q: Do you work alone, or with other caricaturists?

A: Generally, Chrissy will work alone, but he can organise several other quality caricaturists to attend the function and recommend some very good table magicians and silhouette artists as well.

If you have any other questions, please get in touch.

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